A Failure

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To be honest, it has been because of a failure. A failure of a dream, A failure of a try to do something different. A failure of an attempt, to challenge the world. I failed, yet I succeeded. 

A burning desire to do something extraordinary started it all.  Maybe the quest of earning money fueled this. I summoned all the courage to start a Clothing Merchandising Business, tried hard, really hard with petty resources, helped by few wonderful ladies around me and did a decent job, initially. But, decent job definitely not enough. The unknown territory I put myself into only bought troubles, hardships and agony. I pushed my limits, tried harder but my ability didn’t back me up & inexperience did little help. Ultimately, after the struggle of dozens of the week I fell, probably I accepted the hard reality. I accepted the failure.

I jumped into such a territory which really never meant for me. With little knowledge of supply chain and little time to devote, this end was inevitable.

Inspirational Blogs
Failure inspired to try again Something New

But I am happy to learn such an important lesson of Life. In order to succeed, we must realize, our skills should be aligned with what we desire and what we are going to do. I accepted this with a smile, not sure why that smile, maybe because I no longer fear to start something different or I no longer fear of falling down.

‘Failure inspired me to try again, something new’

Inspirational Blogs: Author’s Note

Thanks for Reading this. This is my first blog & is based on a true story. Failure did happen, but for good. It taught us an important lesson that, in order to succeed in any work, we must realize that our skills, knowledge & attitude should be aligned to that work, not just randomly pick up anything and start putting our efforts into that. We need to realize our potential and talent and then work hard to groom ourselves.

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2 Replies to “A Failure”

  1. Its short and crisp. I liked the blog, the way you have expressed your feelings about failure and its true not to give up very easily, really inspiring and message is very important. Keep it up !!

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