With A Smile: Vishnu

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It was late in the evening. Messy hair, drops of sweat trickling down the forehead, face having pale grim look with lost morning charm, tired looking eyes with loose specs, sweat-soaked shirt with folded sleeves, body tilted towards the shoulder carrying the handbag, with lethargic leg movements, I was dragging myself from office to home. Mind either stays in past or worries about future. Sometimes this journey can be the longest if you don’t have a good day at the office. I had a bad one. I was tired, exhausted and sleepy & the only relaxing feeling I had was to reach home ASAP and rest. But everything changed when I met with a smiling face.

Indians have a habit of buying some household stuff while returning home from the office. I was doing the same. He was always smiling, I did not know why? I went to this vendor, for the first time for some customary vegetables. I was already pissed off and asked him rates of few, he didn’t reply, I repeated – it did not bother him- this boiled me further.Finally, I yelled at him, ‘Are you deaf? Can’t you hear and reply ‘.  A  fellow vendor standing nearby him came towards and calmly whispered in my ears, ‘Sir, He can’t hear and speak. He is deaf & dumb by birth’. I was shell-shocked. I was ashamed of myself for having shouted at this poor soul for no reason.Looking at me, he still had a baby looking innocent smile on his face. As if Life is Beautiful for him.

He was a young adult and wore a decade old shirt-torn from many places, filthy loose fitting trouser, severely tanned face, tangled hair, scars all around his face as if tensions & worries were making him old much faster, bones bulging out of the skin. He had not eaten for days it looked.He was deaf & dumb by birth.  Life can be so cruel at times you can not even imagine. Yet, he maintained a beautiful smile on his face.

A few moments ago, I was cursing my life for such a hectic job & loads of other responsibilities which take heavy toll both mentally & physically, but here I see a man who has no hearing & speaking power, working  tremendously hard to make his ends meet, for 16 hours a day- morning to night- under severe sun- still smiling at his customers with a hope that he will buy something, as if this is all he can offer. This incident really moved me & I thanked God for my Life. I smiled him back.

You are reading Inspiring Blogs by Inspire Yourself

I was not interested in bargaining with him anymore and gave him sufficient sum for what I bought, he was taken aback. He was searching his mini pocket for the change to return- I bet he did not have enough- I insisted to keep the rest. He was overjoyed with happiness & offered more of his products, which was of course in the form of vegetables, I simply rejected and gestured him- its okay- with my right hand’s thumb up. His smile was much brighter now.

I wanted to know something more about him. I went few steps ahead and again came back. At least his name. I gestured with hand and lip movement, he replied with his own gesture- both of us struggled and failed to understand each other. A person came to me and whispered, “His name is Vishnu”.

Inspiring Blogs
With A Smile: Vishnu

We parted and waved at each other, we exchanged smiles- those were even bigger ones. He taught me an important lesson for life. Always be happy and content with what we have. Happiness is a choice that we make, hardly matters in what kind of deep troubles life throws at us, we should always smile and be thank full for what we have, keep on moving and growing in Life. That is the true journey- move on with Life with a smile. Our Life is Beautiful for what we have. If Vishnu, who had endless problems, did not lose his spirit then why should we?

 Inspiring Blogs: Author’s Note

Thanks everyone for reading this Blog. A true incident of my Life has inspired this blog. Vishnu happens to live nearby my house and sells vegetables to earn his bread & butter. He is a friend to me now and meet each other almost daily and always greets me with a smile which definitely makes my day. He is married and has two beautiful children. Life is hard for him yet he never complains and faces everything with lot heart & spirit. He is a true inspiration not only to me but for everyone out there.

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3 Replies to “With A Smile: Vishnu”

  1. Its really heart touching story..!! Even i have met that guy once and saw a smile on his face every time..very well written. Looking forward for these types of more blogs..!!

  2. It’s really a motivational story…persons like Vishnu enjoy Thier life to the fullest… doesn’t matter the number of pennies in their pocket or kind of problem in Thier life…thankyou

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