A Blind Old Man

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A train journey can be very awkward sometimes. It can be overwhelmed with the feeling of happiness to meet someone or feeling of sorrow to leave our beloved one. Either dwelling in past incidents of our life or worrying about future happenings.  The mind is full of thoughts with no head or tail attached to it. If coupled with sleepiness & hunger, train journeys can at times be even worse. Mine was no different until I met A Blind Old Man.

May God have mercy on them, human beings with deformed body parts, no eye-sights, muted for life, are often seen begging for a solitary buck, creeping on the floors, are heart-wrenching, yet common sights in train journeys, but this one was different. He was standing tall- head held high & commanded respect.

I was moved, instantly, he was selling, like any other hawker, some kiddish stuff similar to fancy key rings, small flashlights, fragile looking toys. His torn shirt, loose fitted trousers, probably borrowed, messy tangled hair & stick in one hand reflected how life has treated him with such a misery & poverty, still, he chose to earn himself a very small livelihood, full of dignity rather than depending on someone else’s mercy for a single penny.

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Every penny he wanted to earn, was filled with pride and honesty but no charity: A Blind Old Man

I was overwhelmed. I moved to buy a toy from him and asked him to keep the change- a mere Rs 5 change- definitely, I wanted to do some charity.

You know what he said next?  He politely asked me to wait. I stressed you can move on keep the change but he refused. He took a good 5 mins to check his, at least a decade old, tiny little bag with coins of 1s and 2s & returned exactly Rs 5 change. I gracefully accepted that i did not want to ruin his effort of searching coins for me.

‘Every penny he wanted to earn, was filled with pride and honesty but no charity.’

Life definitely has been cruel to him yet he chose to stand and deliver, so can he, why can’t we?

Motivational Blogs: Author’s Note

Thanks for Reading this. This experience is based on a true incident when I was traveling from Pune to Mumbai Via Local train. The incident really touched me. His attitude was really impressive and taught me, no matter how tough the situation is, we should always keep our integrity intact and move forward in life. That’s the real spirit.

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  1. I have seen so many these kind of people around in train journeys but I have not felt the same. Hats off to you. You noticed these small things. Its motivating for me. Good one uhh…

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