Life is a Trek

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‘Take baby steps, don’t look down, you can do it’, said Simran, standing right behind me.

Fear had completely grasped me then, it is not very often that you are inches away from a 1000 mt ditch. Standing motionless, glued to the rock, shivering with distress, moving a single step was a challenge. One foot wrong, slide, fall & gone. Yes !! that’s true. With freakishly steep rock at one side and ridiculously deep pit at the other, with no mountain climbing experience behind, I hung in balance between Life & Death. For some, standing on top of a hill, looking at the scenery, absorbing the natural beauty might be an awesome view, but for few, trekking dangerously close to the cliff is no less than a horror story. I belonged to the latter category. This trek was turning out to be a nightmare for me.

Even life is no different from this. We all have a point in life, which is harshest than all. Yet, we fight and conquer & that point passes away. This trek had a sheer resemblance on how life treats us.

A few hours back…

Pune is blessed with some beautiful places nearby to visit on weekends. With monsoon coming in, natural beauty was at its peak. Me & my Sweetheart Simran, along with our common friend Poornima, decided to go to one of the most celebrated hill station nearby- The Kalavanti Hills.

It was a half-night; half day-trek. Since it was our first trek, we were expecting difficulties. As a responsible partner, I was resolute to take care of Simran in every possible way. We started at around 7 pm in the evening with few of our trekking friends. Initially, it was fun, we could see the mountains, century-old fort; cold breeze caressing our body, we were enjoying, just like life; we have happy moments, joyful experience, everything was falling into places.

Gradually sun lost its shine, it grew dark and grim, the path wasn’t smoother anymore, as we marched it became more abrupt, had more obstacles. Simran had a fair bit of troubles, rocky climbings; poor lighting was making things tough for her. I was just behind, keeping a vigil over her, resolute to safeguard her in every possible manner. When she stumbled, I caught her; she needed a hand, I lend mine, she needed support, my shoulders always ready; she needed a push, I was there, Always. Hand in hand, we reached our destination for the night. She looked at me & smiled. I smiled her back. I knew what was going in her mind.

You are reading Blogs about Life by Inspire Yourself

That is actually life, good times never stay forever, situations turn sour, at times bad to worse but we should always care for our loved ones, stay together- help each other. That is where role of a partner comes into play, we need to withstand the test of time when the other faces the rough weather of life. I was happy to have played my part.

Blogs about Life
Night Destination: The Kalavanti Hills@ Life is a Trek

After reaching night destination, we stayed in the tents, exchanged some night horror stories with guys. It was pleasant. We started off pretty early in the morning. Saw some breathtaking scenic beauty – with passing morning cold wind touching our faces it was no less than a heavenly experience. We were going good, covered fair bit of distance and height, little did I know I was about to face a near about death experience. Soon, the road became steeper, sideways greeneries vanished- no more scenic valleys around.

With 1000 mt deep pit just inches away, fear of heights caught me. A few moments back it was me who was the protector, now we switched over roles. Simran was behind me- Thank God- she doesn’t fear heights. She kept on pushing me for baby steps & not to look down. She said, ‘If you have to be on Top, you have to face this’. Physically it was not difficult, but mentally the fear had drained me out.  Honestly, ‘I thought of quitting’, she said ‘No turning back’, we gonna complete this together, I am with you’, constantly motivating. I was clinging to the steep rocks, hardly moving, she kept on pushing me, ‘One step at a time’, She yelled, ‘Abhishek, You can do it’.

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Counting every God’s name that I knew, I moved forward and finished that climbing & came to the top. I felt a sigh of relief and smiled at her, she smiled back. She knew what’s going in my mind. This taught me the most important lesson of my Life. Life is a Trek.

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View from Top: The Kalavanti Hills@ Life is a Trek

We switched roles and places. She was the protector of me then. She was the one who took the driver seat & shown me the way when I was lost. I banked on her. That’s the beauty of the relationship we share with our loved ones. A situation may be simple & cozy for the one but difficult one for the other, there comes the role of support for each other.

You are reading Blogs about Life by Inspire Yourself

Life is actually a trek, we fail to realize that. It has every ingredient that life treats us with. We struggle physically, we battle mentally- the path is sometimes smooth or sometimes can be as rocky as hell. We fight it out and yet keep on moving forward. Similarly, life tests us with time.  It showers us with difficult situation and different dimension of challenges at us, yet we keep on moving forward with great heart and determination.

Blogs about Life
Life is a Trekk

I faced a situation where I almost quit going forward, with the fear of falling into a deep pit. Similarly, there is a time in life, where fear of failure grasps us, we are absolutely down and dusted & quitting seems to be the only options, that is the moment we need to gather all our nerves and try one more time harder, it is then we achieve true success and achievement in whatever work we are doing. I was lucky to have an angel by my side.

When we reached the top, the view was beautiful and the feeling of accomplishment made it even sweeter. Similarly, in our life when we overcome our greatest fear- the fear of failing- siege that moment and try harder one more time- we shall experience true success. The feeling is beautiful & special just like standing on top of the world. All we need to do is keep moving forward.

Blogs about Life: Author’s Note:

Thanks for Reading this. This is a true story of Abhishek & Simran (*name changed on request), which they experienced during the trek- The Kalavanti Hills, situated in Panvel, near Mumbai-Pune highway. It is a beautiful place to visit, night out and trek. I was lucky to be the part of this Trekking. We really enjoyed this and would recommend this place to all of you. Abhishek was really freaked out, yet he made it, with the support of his soul mate. This experience really shows how important is to care & protect your loved ones during testing times and should always keep moving forward no matter how difficult the situation is and when we reach the top- the feeling is as sweet as it can be.

We are showing you the pictures that we clicked when we were Trekking.

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