Pita- A Tribute to Every Father


By Neha Dixit– The Guest Editor

“Pita…” ek aisa shabd… jo khud me shirf ek shabd nahi balki poori ek Duniya hai. Pita, wo insaan hai jo aapki chinta tabse karta hai jab aap is duniya me aaye bhi nahi  hote hain. Wo har din sirf isliye mehnat karta hain jisse wo hume ek khusio se bhari zindagi de sake, ek behtreen duniya de sakein. Pita Hume har wo khubsurat chiz de dena chahta hain jisse wo khud mehroom rahe apne bachpan me. Pita hume un mushibato or pareshaniyo se bacha lena chahte hain jo unhone apne zindagi  Continue reading “Pita- A Tribute to Every Father”

Life is a Trek

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‘Take baby steps, don’t look down, you can do it’, said Simran, standing right behind me.

Fear had completely grasped me then, it is not very often that you are inches away from a 1000 mt ditch. Standing motionless, glued to the rock, shivering with distress, moving a single step was a challenge. One foot wrong, slide, fall & gone. Yes !! that’s true. With freakishly steep rock at one side and ridiculously deep pit at the other, with no mountain climbing experience behind, I hung in balance between Life & Death. For some, standing on top of a hill, looking at the scenery, absorbing the natural beauty might be an awesome view, but for few, trekking dangerously close to the cliff is no less than a horror story. I belonged to the latter category. This trek was turning out to be a nightmare for me.
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