Excuse Me Ladies..!! Do We Really Respect You..?

India is often considered as a land of so many Gods and Goddesses where people selflessly and endlessly worship them with uttermost faith. The fairer sex here is treated quit specially. Whether we talk about goddess Durga, who can instill fear in any devilish mind, or monetary and knowledge Goddess,Maa Lakshmi and saraswati, who hold a very special places in every household in India. Even if we talk about worshiping of a holy cow, treating it as ‘Gaaye Mata’ because it blesses us with pure mother milk or we say about holy rivers of India where they are treated as ‘mayya’ because it had provided us with evergreen pure water in the form of river ganga, jamuna, saraswati .

In fact the list is endless which reflects that India holds a very special stature for ladies where they are adored and respected enormously, or even more than a human. But one should never judge a book by its cover. Is it the true reflection Indian society…? Hmm… let’s unfold the inside story.

Respect Ladies
Stop Violence Against Women: Inspire Yourself

Over the years, in the worlds’ soft superpower, India, quality of women’s life have recorded a significant and continuous downfall. Whether we talk about women education or equal rights, women are deprived of their deserving status in this patriarchal society. In a place, where stature of a mother is equivalent to a god, there, the behavior and attitude of ‘respected’ men is inexpressibly rude.

When a girl is born, she is taught that one day a prince will come and take her away to the world of happiness. But slowly,with ticking of clock,realization comes that prince will take her away from her beloved parents and family, leaving her friends behind,where her life’s every decision will be governed by that so called ‘prince’ and steadily a series of sacrifices to be made sometimes as a dutiful wife or as a caring mother. Barely anyone of us realizes a girl’s loss of freedom, her immense pain that she suffers while bringing upon a life to this earth and all her sacrifices go unnoticed.

Respect Ladies
Stop Child Abuse: Inspire Yourself

Extreme cases of women assault have come under light where men are found torturing them by harassing, beating them up or sometimes a permanent solution, burn them to death. The cases of women being mercilessly ploughed and raped to death are also not uncommon in this part of the world, December 16, 2012 is a testimony to that. Unfortunately India tops this unwanted list as well. Probably this is the biggest reason why women are often termed –‘The weaker sex’. This unbalanced power equation in this society is unstabilising as well because symbol of power in the same society is itself a female- Maa Durga.

Now coming to education sector headed by another female stature- Maa Saraswati . Unfortunately, ridiculously or even miraculously not even 50% of Indian women are provided with basic education. I shouldn’t talk about higher education, conditions down there, more pathetic.

There another red light section on how Indian men treat their sexual counterpart- eve teasing. Cases of passing lewd comments, whistling in public, shoulder rubbing or staring at their assets is quite common. In fact Indian men are quite expert in these stuff. A weird truth uhh.

Respect Ladies
Against Domestic Violence

Another freaking and devastating truth which can unsettle any individual is female foeticides. India tops this chart, too. Innocent, infant or even unborn babies are killed to death. Reason: She is a girl.

So there we see endless ways how Indian ‘gentlemen’ treat their counterparts. We talk of love and respect but follow inhumanity.We preach equality, freedom, fraternity but prefer ungentlemanly behavior. The thing is quite clear, what’s the true and real status of women in this Indian society. The onus is now on my dear readers,preferably gentlemen, to decide how they reacts when a lady passes by them.

Author’s Note:

Thank You all my beloved readers, this is not a blog but an article, which is close to my heart. Increasing cases of rape , murders, violence and crime against women in our country has definitely unnerved me.  Through this I would like to appeal all my fellow countrymen, #STOP CRIME AGAINST WOMEN. We should stand and fight against this tyranny, for the betterment of ourselves, our society, our children and country. The famous quote by Kofi Annan comes to my mind.

There is no tool for country’s development more effective than the empowerment of women‘.

Respect Ladies.

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