Excuse Me Ladies..!! Do We Really Respect You..?

Respect Ladies

India is often considered as a land of so many Gods and Goddesses where people selflessly and endlessly worship them with uttermost faith. The fairer sex here is treated quit specially. Whether we talk about goddess Durga, who can instill fear in any devilish mind, or monetary and knowledge Goddess,Maa Lakshmi and saraswati, who hold a very special places in every household in India. Even if we talk about worshiping of a holy cow, treating it as ‘Gaaye Mata’ because it blesses us with pure mother milk or we say about holy rivers of India where they are treated as ‘mayya’ because it had provided us with evergreen pure water in the form of river ganga, jamuna, saraswati . Continue reading “Excuse Me Ladies..!! Do We Really Respect You..?”

She was quiet but not Weak…

It was an old monotonous evening. Exhausted after winding up all her household chorus, Neha decided to comfort herself with the idiot box. She sat at a corner of the bed, with her legs folded and started switching from one channel to other. As usual, nothing entertained her. Suddenly she looked dis-comfortable, as if something started bothering her. Her face grew pale and she began sweating profusely. She closed her eyes, bowed her head down & quietly slipped her hands into her lower abdomen. She was enduring pain, which restricted her body movements. Neha remained quite throughout, the aching muscles at the lower part of her body were making her physical suffering miserable- yet she decided not to utter a word. She knew what it was, a routine affair, which happens every month & comes with women-hood- The Periods. Vivek was watching all this from a distance, even he knew what she was going through. He  came close and said,’Get up and Get Lost…Don’t pollute us’. As a typical obedient Indian housewife, Neha obliged him & went outside the room. She sat on the ground  at a discarded corner of the house, desperately trying to hide her emotions, probably tears. Continue reading “She was quiet but not Weak…”

He said ‘I Love You’…

I love you

‘I Love You’, Varun whispered into Neha’s ear. She had a blushing smile on her face and her cute little dimple added more to her beauty, of course, she was pleasantly surprised. Overwhelmed by the emotions, a drop of tear trickled down her cheek. The baby charm that she had in her eyes, was full of happiness and hope. Cold and gentle night breeze added more flavor and romance to this moment. Continue reading “He said ‘I Love You’…”

Battle of Ego & Grit


‘Abhi..Stop it Now…!!’, shouted Shiva, ‘You will get both of us killed’, who was sitting right behind me on his bike. We could literally feel the smell of a giant rubber wheel and warmth of a working engine, such was our proximity to the Goods Carrier. We had a ‘heart in our mouth’ moment when I ferociously drove past that monstrous truck, dangerously close, with a sharp curve. ‘Oh Fish..!!’, I said to my self,’That was a close shave’. Continue reading “Battle of Ego & Grit”