Happy Moments

It was pretty late at night, probably around 12:30 am, I was lying in the bed, lost deep into my world of thoughts, the good memories that I had in the last few days. The next morning I was supposed to leave. I did not want to. Suddenly, I heard a cute little familiar voice,

“Aami Tomaake Miss Korbo…!!”

My little princes came to my room and whispered into my ear, just like me, she didn’t look cheerful either, she had that innocent look in her face that won me over, she was sad just like me. I held her hands, greeted her with a smile and planted a small peck on her forehead and replied, “Aamio Tomaake Khoob Miss Korbo”. She was delighted as if something charged her instantly, she ran towards her mommy- who incidentally happens to my sister, screaming something that I failed to understand, but one thing for sure she was really happy.

Deeply touched by this, emotions of love kept pouring out and the moment paused for me. I have always heard kids are really special. They are innocent, honest, their thoughts are pure, they do not judge you if they do, they just love you. I realized that and I was smiling by myself.


Happy Moments
Kids are True Angels: Happy Moments

The other day, when ‘Mishti’ held my forefinger firmly when I was walking her out in the park; I felt the immense amount of trust that she had on me. That tightness of the grip of her little palm over my entire finger, I felt not just her ‘Mama’- but also a protector who is supposed to guard her in every situation. I swore to myself, I ‘ll always be there for her.

All of us must come across a pic in life where a little kid is tossed up in the air by her father, both father & child looking at each other, having pleasing look in the faces. I, myself, am a fan of this because I have a childhood pic of mine very similar to this so I wanted to relive this moment. I tossed my little princes up once, twice and thrice. She was giggling all the time, laughing out loud, I was thankful to God to have bestowed me with such wonderful moments, moments of unadulterated happiness. I may not be her father but she definitely was my first daughter.

Happy Moments
Good Old Days: Happy Moments

I was wondering why kids are so different… their world so different…? their actions so pure, not corrupt. Why people around kids are so happy no matter how much trouble they are facing. People say kids are angels of God- that is undoubtedly true- probably because they take away all our sorrows and give us happiness & contentment.

I see, my Mishti, an inspiration for me. Every little kid an inspiration for me because they are the angels of our lives, who have the power to challenge our thought. They don’t judge people, they are not biased, they don’t differentiate between blacks & whites- beautiful & ugly- good or bad. They are not corrupt but innocent and carefree. Kids do what they do- that’s what makes them very special and beautiful.

The words “Aaami Tomaake Miss Korbo”, shall always reverberate in my ears- because I know she has given me a place in her heart, which I ‘ll always take care of.

Author’s Note:

These are few very emotional moments that I have experienced with my little niece who is just around 3 years. I really love kids and have a great affinity towards them. Their smiles, innocence have won me all over. What I have personally noticed why the world of kids is full of happiness but ours is not because they don’t judge people or anything but just enjoy the moment. With time, we all grow up forget to enjoy ourselves. Let us pause the moment and concentrate just on oneself. Happiness is a choice that we make every day. Thanks for reading.

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