She was quiet but not Weak…

It was an old monotonous evening. Exhausted after winding up all her household chorus, Neha decided to comfort herself with the idiot box. She sat at a corner of the bed, with her legs folded and started switching from one channel to other. As usual, nothing entertained her. Suddenly she looked dis-comfortable, as if something started bothering her. Her face grew pale and she began sweating profusely. She closed her eyes, bowed her head down & quietly slipped her hands into her lower abdomen. She was enduring pain, which restricted her body movements. Neha remained quite throughout, the aching muscles at the lower part of her body were making her physical suffering miserable- yet she decided not to utter a word. She knew what it was, a routine affair, which happens every month & comes with women-hood- The Periods. Vivek was watching all this from a distance, even he knew what she was going through. He  came close and said,’Get up and Get Lost…Don’t pollute us’. As a typical obedient Indian housewife, Neha obliged him & went outside the room. She sat on the ground  at a discarded corner of the house, desperately trying to hide her emotions, probably tears.

4 years after the incident…

‘It was really good beta, they were delicious’, a middle aged said to her, ‘Keep up the good work’, and handed over the cheque of Rs. 1 Lac & left. She looked happy, genuinely happy, she bit her lips, moved her head around and gave herself a cute little smile that she deserved. She said to herself, ‘Neha, you have done it’. Her eyes were beaming with confidence, she felt a sense of satisfaction and completeness.The moment paused for her, she took a deep breath and looked up into the sky, gazed it for a while & murmured few words, probably thanking God as if she was waiting for this day for a very long time. Suddenly Ayush, her 3 year old son pounced  on to her back and said,’Mumma, bhook lagi he…!!’. Neha kneeled down, had a deep look into her eyes, made a funny face to cheer him up, pinged his little nose with her finger & planted a peck on his cheeks and said smilingly at him, ‘Come on…Let’s go we’ll have ice creams’.

Neha’s life has never been smooth, she had her share of problems. Let us move back in time. A few years ago…

She was very happy then. It was the pre-marriage time that she was enjoying. The time, where the bride to be is treated like a Princess. Vivek was a different person then or he acted differently, who knows ? She loved the way he pampered her and ultimately she fell for him and the heavenly marriage solemnized. With time, things change, so does people, so did Vivek. Indian culture gives immense power to husbands, so he started exercising those. Things began to sour soon after marriage, he put restrictions not to go here, not to go there, Neha obliged, quietly. Soon, he objected to her dresses and confined her, just to Indian Outfits. It is never really feasible to carry on with Saaris all the time, but she accepted. She was treated like a filth during her monthly bleeding days, yet she remained  quiet all the time,and hid all her feelings and pain.

A man is No Man when he hits his Wife: Against Domestic Violence

Madness has no limits and Vivek proved he was a true Psychopath.  One horrible night…

Bang Bang..!! Someone slammed the  door, repeatedly, Neha rushed to open, it was Vivek at the door steps. ‘Why the hell did you take so much time to open this bloody door… You piece of  shit ?’, yelled Vivek at her, abusing Neha had become a routine affair. He looked pretty drunk and pissed off, due to some ugly office brawl, he was continuously murmuring something or the other, which was pretty hard to understand, but definitely did not sound good. He looked desperate, as if he wanted something to release himself off. He hold her waist tightly, pulled her towards himself & tried to kiss her. That was no romantic, but was disgusting. She summoned all her nerves and pushed him back. He was taken aback, he did not like it for sure, he had a fierce look in his face, full of anger, May God save her, he stretched his hand & landed a tight slap on her face. She felt onto the bed. It must have hurt her. He removed his shirt, unzipped his pants and fell upon her. She shouted, ‘Please move… You are hurting me’. Yet, it had no effect on him. He started removing her clothes, Neha felt helpless, she begged him to let her go, she was not comfortable but he was unnerved and did not moved. She tried her best to fight him off but Nature has bestowed Man with physical strength and Vivek was making full use of it. He caught both of her hands and in no time overpowered her. Also, he landed few more blows on her face to shut her up, so she was. He undressed her, removed her inner-wears and did what he wanted to do. Vivek kept her ploughing her mercilessly till he felt asleep. Lying naked in the bed, she cried immensely on her miserable fate, yet she chose to remain quite.

Man has no right to abuse his Wife: Against Domestic Violence

Few month later, they had a baby, Neha expected some change in his behavior, and it did, for worse. Little did he cared for his own child Ayush. He was insensitive towards both. He treated them like a discarded material. Cold temperature are not suited to the new-borns, yet he never compromised his comfort and left the mother-son duo in the different room to spent sleepless nights. A girl behaves differently when she is a mother & that is so true. Her patience was wearing thin now with each passing day. She had suffered enough at the hands of Psychopath, but her child does not deserves that. She could no longer tolerate  her husband’s in-sensitiveness towards her baby, no matter what. One fine day, she had decided, she had enough, so she left the house with Ayush.

A Ray of Hope…

Not everything in her marital Life was pathetic, she had wonderful time as well when she was herself. One thing that she loved doing was cooking, especially baking cakes. She was wonderful and had special skills to make delicious cakes & cookies. It was something that she truly enjoyed. After she left Vivek, she was financially pretty weak, as she did not have a white collar job & taking care of her baby boy is no mean task, she had to find a way to manage herself and her little child. She had nothing but one brilliant skill of baking cakes & cookies, so she decided to hone that. She took a formal training in Bakery and soon started a small bakery shop. Initially, she had to struggle a bit, which is natural, but steadily, her impressive work & creativity did the trick and started sprinting profit.

A Special Bond: Mother & Child

Present Day…

She owns a large bakery shop at a premier corner of the Aurangabad district. Off course, she is the head chef  there, and couple of people are working under her. Her cake, cookies and other bakery products are extremely popular there & products regularly feature in the premier parties & celebrations of Aurangabad. Her story is truly inspirational for me. From a domestically abused housewife to a strong self dependent mother, her journey was harsh but she did it. One major aspect, I would like to highlight is that, how important is for us to keep ourselves motivated. It was her baby boy Ayush, who was her motivation, because of which she fought back. That beautiful bond a mother shares with her child is inexpressible, so much love and courage, which can do wonders. And if a motivation is blended with a skill, her baking skills in this case, then nothing is impossible.

Her story wrenched my heart but touched my soul,. I wish every lady to be as strong as Neha. One should never under-estimate the power of a housewife, specially a Mother, she can do wonders. She can not quit because she knew her kid was watching, she had to succeed, so she did.

Author’s Note:

I would like to dedicate this blog to all the Women out there. I was shell shocked when I heard her painful story but her remarkable come back is a true motivation, not just for me but for everyone. Her Current situation is that, she is fighting a divorce case with her husband. She is doing extremely good in her bakery business and earning pretty well. I hope to visit Aurangabad someday and taste her delicious cookies & cakes.  To protect the identities of the people, names have been deliberately changed. Thank you all for reading this.

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