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Privacy Policy:

As a Responsible Blogging Website, we hereby assure you that we do not share personal information of our readers such as E-mails, Names & Contacts with third-parties nor do we store information we collect about the visits to this blogging website for any use other than to analyze the performance of our content through the use of cookies, which can be turned off  by modifying your Internet browser’s settings, anytime. We are committed to the  security of our users’  data and at no point of time, under any circumstances, it shall be compromised. Our Privacy Policy adheres to the security of our users’ data.

Inspire Yourself is not responsible for the republishing of the content of this blog-site on other Web sites or media platforms without our permission.


  1. This is a personal blogging website. Any views or opinions which is represented in the blogs are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those people or institutions that the owner is directly or indirectly associated with.
  2. Any views or opinions are not intended to hurt sentiments of any religion, ethnic group, organization, company, or individual in any way. We believe in total peace and Harmony.
  3. All content provided on this blog website is for informational and motivational purposes only.

Comments and User Feedback:

Comments and user feedback are always welcome and taken care off. However, the owner reserves the right to edit or even delete any comment submitted to this website without any prior notice due to one of the following reasons :
  1. Comments which includes profanity, obscenity, abuse or blasphemy.
  2. Comments which contain opinion or concepts that could be deemed offensive.
  3. Comments having hate speech, threats, or direct- indirect attacks on an individual or group.
  4. The owner of the website (which in this case is Abhijit Biswas) is not responsible for the content present in the comments.

Note: This disclaimer is subject to change at anytime.