Excuse Me Ladies..!! Do We Really Respect You..?

Respect Ladies

India is often considered as a land of so many Gods and Goddesses where people selflessly and endlessly worship them with uttermost faith. The fairer sex here is treated quit specially. Whether we talk about goddess Durga, who can instill fear in any devilish mind, or monetary and knowledge Goddess,Maa Lakshmi and saraswati, who hold a very special places in every household in India. Even if we talk about worshiping of a holy cow, treating it as ‘Gaaye Mata’ because it blesses us with pure mother milk or we say about holy rivers of India where they are treated as ‘mayya’ because it had provided us with evergreen pure water in the form of river ganga, jamuna, saraswati . Continue reading “Excuse Me Ladies..!! Do We Really Respect You..?”