Battle of Ego & Grit


‘Abhi..Stop it Now…!!’, shouted Shiva, ‘You will get both of us killed’, who was sitting right behind me on his bike. We could literally feel the smell of a giant rubber wheel and warmth of a working engine, such was our proximity to the Goods Carrier. We had a ‘heart in our mouth’ moment when I ferociously drove past that monstrous truck, dangerously close, with a sharp curve. ‘Oh Fish..!!’, I said to my self,’That was a close shave’. Continue reading “Battle of Ego & Grit”

With A Smile: Vishnu

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It was late in the evening. Messy hair, drops of sweat trickling down the forehead, face having pale grim look with lost morning charm, tired looking eyes with loose specs, sweat-soaked shirt with folded sleeves, body tilted towards the shoulder carrying the handbag, with lethargic leg movements, I was dragging myself from office to home. Mind either stays in past or worries about future. Sometimes this journey can be the longest if you don’t have a good day at the office. I had a bad one. I was tired, exhausted and sleepy & the only relaxing feeling I had was to reach home ASAP and rest. But everything changed when I met with a smiling face. Continue reading “With A Smile: Vishnu”

Manu & Mou

Brother and Sister

A drop of sweat trickled down his forehead, scars of tension & fear were all over his grim face. ‘I’ll be there as soon as possible’, said Mr. Manu, over a phone, a 70-year-old man, sitting on a shabby chair, in an alone platform of a little-known station, at the stroke of midnight. He had tears in his eyes, anxiety in his mind. He was worried as his little sister, Mou, was left stranded in a secluded railway station of Asansol, 200 kms away. Continue reading “Manu & Mou”

Life is a Trek

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‘Take baby steps, don’t look down, you can do it’, said Simran, standing right behind me.

Fear had completely grasped me then, it is not very often that you are inches away from a 1000 mt ditch. Standing motionless, glued to the rock, shivering with distress, moving a single step was a challenge. One foot wrong, slide, fall & gone. Yes !! that’s true. With freakishly steep rock at one side and ridiculously deep pit at the other, with no mountain climbing experience behind, I hung in balance between Life & Death. For some, standing on top of a hill, looking at the scenery, absorbing the natural beauty might be an awesome view, but for few, trekking dangerously close to the cliff is no less than a horror story. I belonged to the latter category. This trek was turning out to be a nightmare for me.
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The Story of a Suicide Survivor: Shilpa Agarwal

Shilpa Agarwal

‘Her condition is critical’, said the Doctor, ‘She is battling for her life’, Akash, holding his two-year-old son, broke. How could Shilpa take such a drastic step?  Consuming sleeping pills, when life surrounds you with difficulties from all corners, seems to be the easiest option. At the age of 22, Shilpa was no different then. She did the same and attempted to suicide. Yet life had other plans for her. Continue reading “The Story of a Suicide Survivor: Shilpa Agarwal”