A Blind Old Man

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A train journey can be very awkward sometimes. It can be overwhelmed with the feeling of happiness to meet someone or feeling of sorrow to leave our beloved one. Either dwelling in past incidents of our life or worrying about future happenings.  The mind is full of thoughts with no head or tail attached to it. If coupled with sleepiness & hunger, train journeys can at times be even worse. Mine was no different until I met A Blind Old Man. Continue reading “A Blind Old Man”

A Failure

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To be honest, it has been because of a failure. A failure of a dream, A failure of a try to do something different. A failure of an attempt, to challenge the world. I failed, yet I succeeded. 

A burning desire to do something extraordinary started it all.  Maybe the quest of earning money fueled this. I summoned all the courage to start a Clothing Merchandising Business, tried hard, really hard with petty resources, helped by few wonderful ladies around me and did a decent job, initially. But, decent job definitely not enough. The unknown territory I put myself into only bought troubles, hardships and agony. I pushed my limits, tried harder but my ability didn’t back me up & inexperience did little help. Ultimately, after the struggle of dozens of the week I fell, probably I accepted the hard reality. I accepted the failure.

I jumped into such a territory which really never meant for me. With little knowledge of supply chain and little time to devote, this end was inevitable.

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